Cowtown Speedway ASCS Sprint Cars 4/4/09

A field of 39 ASCS sprint cars and a great crowd in what would go down as yet another wild
night of ASCS Sprint Car action at Cowtown Speedway.

In case you couldn't make it, or would like to relive some of the highlights, here's some pictures
and video clips from the action:
Final 2 laps of championship feature, (7m)
battles with down to the wire:
A scary moment in qualifying action as
takes a bite out of the track:
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VIDEO NOTE: All of these videos are published in HQ (Hi Quality resolution, so when you
see a 'HQ' button light up at the lower bottom of the viewer, please click it, then click the
button to the right that looks like a rectangle so you can view it in full-screen size. celebrates in victory lane after a hard-fought win.
3-wide parade lap to kick off the 25-lap championship feature:
It was this close at the stripe! See the video below... & battle it out during the B feature.