Lonestar Speedway World of Outlaws
Sprint Car Action From 4/10/09
It's been quite a few years since Lonestar Speedway has been
open or has seen WoO action. My first trip there was in June of
1985, and it is still a fast, flat out and well-lit facility.

Lisa and Sam Hafertepe purchased the property, gave it a much
needed make over and opened it to a great crowd featuring 25
WoO sprint cars and 25 modifieds.

Here's some pictures and video clips to give you a taste of the
action. Note that when any track gets some dust, then add
nighttime and lights, my hand-held equipment occasionally blurs.

I seen Rudy Garcia and Tim Aylwin in the pits, so I'm sure they'll
be publishing some hi-res shots soon.

Hope you enjoy this small taste of Lonestar and if you're in the
area, make sure to check it out first hand.
4-wide parade lap...video clips of each of these pictures are below.
Start of A-feature...
Haud leads Joey Saldana, Jason Sides and Wayne Johnson...
Brian Ellenberger gets turned around collecting Kerry Madsen,
Craig Dollansky, Tony Bruce Jr and Wes Miller.
Jac Haudenschild was running a strong 2nd place when he jumped the tricky
cushion, tagged the wall and third place Wayne Johnson had nowhere to go.
These clips are by DarinShort.com are not  meant to be 'professional
quality' and are published just for fun. For professional sprint video,
please visit HighVistaVideo.com.

4/10/09: Follow
jj41.com as he times in. Jason would start the feature in 15th and work his
way up to a 9th place finish.

NOTE: the following videos were also uploaded in high quality (HQ), for best
viewing, click the 'HQ' button below when it appears, then click the
full-screen mode prior to viewing video clip.
Quick video clip of the Jac Haudenschild/Wayne Johnson incident.
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Thanks for stopping by and see you at the races!
4-Wide WoO Parade Lap...
Restart in the A-feature...
Original start of A-feature...
In the companion modified feature, here's Kenny Gaddis leading the field on lap 1...