Cowtown Sprints at Cowtown Speedway 6/20/09

Even with near 100 degree temperatures and 25mph wind could keep the Fastest Li'l Dirt Track
In Texas from living up to its name last night in the Cowtown Sprints.

Lots of side by side racing and passing would make for a fun night of racing action on a track
surface that allowed faster cars to advance their positions throughout the field in all race
divisions. Over 140 cars were on hand and the fast paced program was completed by 11PM. The
sprint feature was the 2nd feature out and was over by 9:30pm.

Here's some pictures and video clips from the action.

And make sure to make plans to attend Cowtown next Saturday, June 27, as the ASCS Sprint
Car Series returns to take on the Cowtown Sprints in a $2,000 to win shootout. Plus, there's a
really fun promotion for the fans from Palm Harbor homes, which will most likely result in a race
fan taking home somewhere around $1,000 or more by the end of the night. For promo details,
just go to then click on the 'Palm Harbor' link on the home page.

(Note that on some of the video clips, there is some occasional blurriness due to extreme sun
early on and a bit of dust and track lights disorient the camera momentarily.)
These clips and pics by are not  meant to be 'professional quality' and
are published just for fun. For professional sprint video, please visit

NOTE: these videos were uploaded in high quality (HQ) & Full-screen, for best viewing, click the
'HQ'button below when it appears, then click the full-screen mode prior to viewing video clip.

The first four video clips are from the sprint heat races, and although the sun was beating
down on the track and it was windy; still resulted in plenty of passing and action:
Heat Race Video Clip #3 will appear
here after it finishes uploading in about
an hour. Please check back.
A rapidly changing track surface in the feature made for some wild racing action late in the
race. These clips are from the mid and final laps of the race:
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed some of the racing
action from Cowtown Speedway!

And make sure to mark your calendars to come watch the ASCS Sprints
and the Palm Harbor Homes promotion back at Cowtown Speedway on
June 27. For complete event details,
click here.

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The winged mods were back in action
and put on a good race.
The dwarf cars made another visit
with over 25 teams in the pit area.
Even weather experts didn't know that a Hurricane could have a smile on
it. Here's the new look from
The super bright winged 600 ride of Michelle Melton
really stood out under the bright sun.
Heat race action (see video clips below) unfolds with the 26 of Dalton Steed being pursued by in the closing laps.