3rd Annual Armadillo Nationals Championship Feature Results - Sept. 19, 2015:

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's Armadillo Nationals at LoneStar Speedway. It was 3 action packed nights of racing - and
without weather interference - which was probably some sort of record for the 2015 racing season. Lots of pictures are going up on the
'LoneStar Speedway Fan Page' on Facebook, so make sure to check them out.

Modifieds - A-Main    September 19, 2015
Pos Car # Driver
1 2 Grant Junghans, Manhattan, KS $10,000
2 16 Chris Henigan  $5,000
3 12X Corey Babbitt $3,000
4 57 Wes Armstrong $1,500
5 78 Billy Jack Brutchin $1,200
6 88 Chad Wheeler $1,000
7 87 Billy Melton $800
8 8T Dustin Hyde $700
9 75 Kyle Taylor $640
10 11F Larry Fears $600
11 64B Mark Washburn $580
12 32 Doug Byrns $560
13 22 Ralo Pilkington $540
14 10 Tye Clampitt $520
15 27 Justin Romine $500
16 48 Taylor Rateliff $500
17 29 Keith Hammett $500
18 1ST Johnny Scott $500
19 12 Jason Ingalls $500
20 19 Jamie Burford $500
21 C8 Timothy Culp $500
22 52 Justin Ingalls $500
23 8 Mike Lane $500
24 14T Triston Dycus $500
25 86 Jerry Jackson $500

Limited Modified - A-Main    September 19, 2015
Pos Car # Driver
1 12 Jason Ingalls $3,000
2 1T Kelly Lockey
3 0 Eddie Martin
4 7 Nate Gaines
5 8 Rick Murray
6 78 Billy Joe Brutchin
7 07 Royce Jones
8 87 Billy Melton
9 25 James Bingham
10 5S Bud Reed
11 26B Andy Burson
12 1B Scotty Nichols
13 77T John Jarrel Jr.
14 95C James Welborn
15 9B Darrel Mosely
16 15 Dennie Gieber
17 30 Kenneth Chamberlain
18 47 Gary Stuckey
19 10P Jody Prince
20 9 Taylor Williams
21 11 Danny Keel
22 8H Jim Hitz
23 23C Robert Taylor
24 81 Ricky Ingalls
25 39T Ben Tennimon

Factory Stocks - A-Main    September 19, 2015
Pos Car # Driver
1 70 Kenneth Chamberlain $2,000 (started 7th)
2 50 Billy Meazell Jr
3 XXX Shawn Graham
4 77 Colton Furrh
5 26S Jeff Sonntag
6 27X Jeffrey T. Bates
7 6 Alex Williams
8 18M Donny McBride Jr
9 16 Sean Gajewski
10 50X Joey Vergo Jr.
11 333 T. Ray Burkett
12 34JR Josh Daughtry
13 13X Austin Hail
14 3 John Tuggle Jr
15 28 Clayton Costlow
16 75 Anthony Boatman
17 8B Gene Boyter
18 12 Bo Perry
19 7 Johnny Reed
20 115 Billy Meazell III
21 10P Jody Prince
22 H93 Michael Hail
23 29 Johnathan Stewart
24 93 Tracey Cundieff
25 68 Richard Smith

NEXT UP AT LONESTAR SPEEDWAY is the Texas State Championships on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10th...visit
www.LoneStarSpeedway.com for complete event information!

3rd Annual $10,000 to win LoneStar Armadillo Nationals – Sept. 17-19!

Kilgore TX (7/25/15) by DarinShort.com. LoneStar Speedway (LSS) in Kilgore Texas is pleased to announce the return of one of the biggest paying
Modified and Stock Car events of the season with the 3rd Annual $10,000 to win Armadillo Nationals, September 17th-19th, 2015.

A special event site is now open for racers and fans. By clicking www.darinshort.com/arm.html you can view the event flyer, preregister your car, purchase
3-day pit passes, review the rules, area hotels, check out the LoneStar Campground and much more. Race teams are required to read the rules section
prior to race weekend so they are familiar with the unique qualifying format.

The previous two versions of the Armadillo Nationals featured incredible racing on all three nights, with 160+ race teams from a dozen states participating
in the fast-paced, three-division program.

All three LSS points divisions will again be in action over the three day extravaganza, which utilizes a very exciting and fan-friendly format. The drivers
really enjoy our unique qualifying format, and it will be exactly the same as the past two Armadillo's. (Details are posted on the 'event rules' page of the
event website.)

All cars must be LSS legal, and track points will be awarded. All drivers will receive 50 track points for participating in the Armadillo Nationals. There is no
car registration fee due if your team is not a LSS point’s driver.

Modifieds will be racing for $10,000 to win and $500 to start (24th). The Limited Modified feature winner will take home $3,000, and the first Factory Stock
to take the checkers will receive $2,000.

A super-sized competitor purse is being offered – yet without excessive entry fee or pit pass costs for the drivers; plus a great 3-day grandstand pass offer
for the race fans.

Modifieds Saturday Feature Payback (50 Laps):

$10,000-5,000-3,000-1,500-1,200 (5th) -1,000-800-700-640-600 (10th)-580-560-540-520-500...to 24th. Early online entry $100 through 9/15/15, and it
guarantees teams of a minimum of $150 in non-qualifier money if they do not make the championship event. Early entry runs through Tuesday night,
September 15th (two days before the race). Entries received at the track on race night are $25 higher.

Limited Modified Saturday Feature (30 Laps):

$3,000-1,500-1,000-800-600 (5th) -500-400-350-300-280 (10th)-260-240-220-200...to 24th. Early online entry is $60 through 9/15/15, and it guarantees
teams of a minimum of $125 in non-qualifier money if they do not make the championship event. Early entry runs through Tuesday night, September 15th
(two days before the race). Entries received at the track on race night are $25 higher.

Factory Stock Saturday Feature (30 Laps):

$2,000-1,200-900-700-500 (5th) -400-300-275-250-225-200-175...to 24th. Early Factory Stock pre-entry is $50, and it guarantees teams of a minimum of
$100 in non-qualifier money if they do not make the championship event. Early entry runs through Tuesday night, September 15th (two days before the
race). Entries received at the track on race night are $25 higher.

All divisions will be electronically scored, to ensure promptness and accurateness. A one-time transponder rental fee of $25 per car for the race weekend
will be charged upon your arrival to the track on race night. Drivers will also receive a smart phone link that will allow them to see real-time lineups and

Pit passes are at regular prices for qualifying nights, $30. Championship night pit passes are $35. However, you can purchase a 3-day pit pass on the
event website for $90. 3-day online pit passes will be on sale through Sept. 15th.

Ticket prices to this event are very affordable – and are available on race nights only. No advance tickets will be sold. On Thursday and Friday, it’s just
$12 for adult general admission, while the Saturday night championship is $20. Seniors/active military can enjoy the racing action for $10 each on
Thursday and Friday, with $18 tickets on Saturday. Youth ages 6 to 11 are $5 each night. Seating in the reserved section is a $5 upgrade to any ticket on
each night.

FAN BONUS: Three-Day General Admission Grandstand Pass is just $35! That’s right, you can get in to see all three nights of the $10,000 to win
Armadillo Nationals for less than going to three regularly priced LSS events! There are no advance ticket sales to this event, and you can purchase your
three-day armband when you arrive to the speedway on opening night of the event, Thursday September 17th.

Complete division rules are posted at the track website. An event flyer has been posted under the ‘resources’ section of the track website as well.

Here is the basic event structure for all three divisions for the LoneStar Armadillo Nationals:

-This is not a ‘split field’ qualifying format. Meaning, all cars race all three days. Your highest point total on Thursday OR Friday will be used to determine
your Saturday night lineup. Except, the top 4 finishers in the Thu/Fri A-features will automatically lock in the front four rows of the Saturday night feature.

-The next six positions in the Saturday finale will be locked in by the top six drivers in points (from Thursday or Friday points). The balance of the cars in
each division will go directly into two B-features (and possibly C-feature). A total of 10 cars total will advance from the B-features to the A-feature. Nightly
heat races will be draw for position with finishing position and passing points being awarded. There is no penalty whatsoever for racing both Thursday and
Friday night. We encourage drivers to race all three nights.

-Any driver that races Thursday night can come back to improve their starting positions for Saturday night without any penalty whatsoever. This includes
locked-in drivers. For example, if you finish 4th in the Thursday night qualifying feature, you can come back on Friday night. Let's say you finish 2nd on
Friday night in the feature, that would move you from 4th row inside to 2nd row outside in the feature on Saturday. Conversely, if you finish 4th in the
Thursday night feature, then come back to requalify on Friday and finish 10th that night, you will still be locked-in from Thursday night and will start 4th row
inside on Saturday night.

-Electronic timing and scoring will be used for all divisions. A one-time $25 transponder rental fee is due at sign in. This will ensure all teams being scored
to the best that is possible, along with having live lineups and results quickly available for all of the teams and fans to keep tabs on their smart phones
during the event. Professional Motor Sports Solutions of Charlotte, NC is providing timing and scoring throughout the weekend, as they have the past
several years at LSS.

Here are some quick facts for the Sept. 17th-19th LoneStar Armadillo Nationals:

- Pits open at 4pm (most likely earlier on Thursday), Grandstands open at 5pm, Draw cut-off at 6:30pm sharp, Mandatory Drivers Meeting 6:50pm, Hot
laps at 7:00pm, and racing to immediately follow. (Note that the sun sets shortly after 7pm this time of the year, so it will make for great racing conditions.)

-Adult general grandstand admission just $12 each on Thursday and Friday, with Saturday’s championship night being $20.

-Adult 3-day Grandstand General Admission Pass is available at the track on race night for just $35 (a $9 savings!).

-Youth ages 6-11 are $5 per night, while ages 5 and under are free with adult admission.

-Senior/Active military are $10 each general admission on Thursday/Friday; and $18 for Saturday (or $35 for 3-day).

-Upgrade any ticket to the Reserved Section for $5 per person per night.

-All Pit Passes for all ages are $30 each on Thursday and Friday, with $35 on Saturday. 3-day advance pit passes are for sale at the event website
through 9/23 for $90.

-No outside food/drink coolers are allowed inside grandstand, a full selection of economically priced food concessions, including beer, are available

-Click www.LoneStarSpeedway.com to view/print rules for each of the classes of cars racing.

-Click www.darinshort.com/arm.html to visit the event website, view flyer, register your team, purchase 3-day pit passes, read the rules/format, area hotels
and track directions/info. In case you forget this link, you can access the event website at the homepage of DarinShort.com between now and the event.

Don’t miss one of the biggest and most exciting short track racing events of the season! Make plans to join us for the 3rd annual running of the $10,000 to
win Armadillo Nationals at LoneStar Speedway on September 17th-19th!

Here are the championship night feature results from last year's Armadillo Nationals:

Modifieds - A-Main September 27, 2014
Pos Car # Driver
1 21 Chris Brown
2 89C Steve Whiteaker
3 51 Rodney Wing
4 16 Chris Henigan
5 5** Johnny Scott
6 5 Jon Mitchell
7 3M Kyle Taylor
8 6X Kyle Pleasant
9 65 Tyler Davis
10 13B BJ Robinson
11 52 Justin Ingalls
12 777 Derek Perkins
13 20 Robbie McClain
14 7P Greg Penny
15 5X Wes Armstrong
16 33 Dennie Gieber
17 19 Jamie Burford
18 4M Bobby Malchus
19 22 Ralo Pilkington
20 11A Jason Armstrong
21 78 Billy Jack Brutchin
22 12 Jason Ingalls
23 5W John Whittington
24 14T Triston Dycus

Limited Modified - A-Main September 27, 2014
Pos Car # Driver
1 12 Jason Ingalls
2 89C Steve Whiteaker
3 5W John Whittington
4 15W Dennie Gieber
5 19 Randy Seals
6 69 Derick Grigsby
7 1T Jason Tiner
8 B17 Brandon Ball
9 1C Curtis Caldwell
10 30 Billy Joe Brutchin
11 13B BJ Robinson
12 63 Shane Hoefling
13 33 Brian Holland
14 7 Nate Gaines
15 7G Greg Penny
16 8M Rick Murray
17 14C Cory Tutt
18 47 Gary Stuckey
19 1X Robert Taylor
20 18X Ricky Ingalls
21 0 Cade Dillard
22 561 Kevin Simpson
23 23 Steven Nabors
24 9 Taylor Williams

Factory Stocks - A-Main September 27, 2014
Pos Car # Driver
1 22 Ralo Pilkington
2 50 Billy Meazell
3 XXX Shawn Graham
4 29 Johnathan Stewart
5 99 Jeff Crane
6 77 Colton Furrh
7 7 Billy Davis
8 44 Wesley Langley
9 3 Jeffrey T. Bates
10 115 Billy Meazell Jr
11 50F Eddie Fleming
12 SK1 Sean Gajewski
13 3B Cody Brantley
14 92 Kenneth Chamberlain
15 12 Bo Perry
16 50X Joey Vergo Jr.
17 11G Jason Tiner
18 18M Donny McBride Jr
19 21X Chris Brittan
20 6 Alex Williams
21 15K Jesse Meazell
22 93 Tracey Cundieff
23 42 Jonathan Evans
24 72 Cory Weatherford
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Nationals points system information.
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Here is a video of the exciting final laps of the 2014 Limited Modified feature during the Armadillo Nationals...
Some of the pre-race excitement that is a part of the LoneStar Armadillo Nationals...
Modified division feature race action during the $10,000 to win LoneStar Armadillo Nationals in 2014...
And if you've never seen the LoneStar Speedway Factory Stocks, they put on an exciting race week in, week out...
2014 Armadillo Nationals winners...
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