Cowtown Speedway - 9/11 Memorial
After a busy week at Boone Speedway, we finally made it out with the car
Saturday night at Cowtown.

It's hard to believe it's taken until September to get to the track. But when you add
together equipping a new trailer, the dually getting stolen & MIA for 2 months and
getting the new motor built, that answers the question 'where has the summer gone.'

We had motor problems all night (overheating), but special thanks to George White &
Paul Cook for helping us diagnose them. Also thanks to Larry Crenshaw for an assist
during the night & crewman Derek Silvers for the long day of toiling on the car. We
should be ready to go for the next race. Wayne was credited with a 16th place finish
in the feature race.

Plus we'd like to thank others that have helped us:
FSR Radiator, Rodd Hanna's Air
Performance, Warhead Grafix, G&H Plumbing, Ultrashield Racing Products,Speed
Specialties and

If you'd like to see Wayne Brown's website, just click on the picture below.
I didn't shoot any video, but Cowtown hosted 170+ cars in the pits during their '9/11
Memorial' event.

Michelle & the gang did an outstanding job with the production - and they should be
proud of their efforts. The music and images on their 'jumbotron' were excellent.

Here's some pictures of the show:
Here's an attempt (feeble, at best) of a panoramic of the special segment in the show
where all the cars were on the track. If you click on the picture below it will open up in
a much larger format. If you look directly across from the flag stand you can see the
big screen used for the show.
The picture below is the start of the show and the track said they are taking orders for
a CD or tape of the presentation. Just click on the picture below and it will take you to
the contact info for Cowtown to call or email them and get your order placed.
Thanks for stopping by! If you'd like to view other pics &
clips, visit the compilation page by
clicking here.
Paul Cook & George White are always ready to go when they get to the track - even with
racing two cars. That allows them to make sure they get plenty of time for the more
important things, like taking pictures!

Here's Paul & George with their Larson Racing Specialists modified and  ASCS/Cowtown
sprint car. George would go on to win both the heat race and feature in the modified. He
got caught up in a crash in the sprint feature - and finished 7th despite having no left
rear shock on the car as a result of the crash. And congratulations to
for picking up the win.

Also, if you're looking to get their new team t-shirts, just click on the picture below to go
to the apparel order form and to see the front and back design.