Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Dirt Series Spring
Nationals - 3/13/09
The first-ever Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Dirt Series event took place on
March 13, 2009 at Devil's Bowl Speedway.

A huge field of 67 teams assembled for the 2-day race. Here's some
pictures from night one of the event, in this abbreviated recap:
Michael Dupuy, LA prepares for hot laps.
Part of the field of cars, as the sun sets.
(L to R) Brad Welborn, Brian Brown, Gary Taylor.
Kevin Ramey's new look.
(L to R) Paul McMahan 3d, Jesse Hockett 13.
During the start of the 8th heat race, there was a nasty appearing
crash between Mark Pace and Neil Stevens. I caught it on video and
I'm publishing it in hi-res so you can watch it in slow-motion if
you'd like. Clearly one of those 'racing deals' and it was reported
that both drivers were uninjured.

To view the video clip, please click here. Note: this clip is about
20MB, so depending on your connection speed, could take a few
minutes to download, so please be patient. Your computer must
QuickTime media player installed to view it.

Net up is the ASCS Sprint Series special at Cowtown Speedway on
April 4. I'll try to get some more content at that show too.

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