Cowtown Midget Championships, ASCS2,
Feb Fast 50 at Cowtown Speedway
2/13-14 '09: LAST UPDATED 2/22, 8AM
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At 11AM there are already over 100 cars in the pit area. With 222 cars
pre-entered, a new track record for Cowtown has been set, eclipsing the
record set at the 2008 November Sprint Shootout of 209.
New lights have gone up during the off season!
A view of the frontstretch...
With rigs like this, the pits are going to fill up fast!
Missouri's Brad Loyet
Indiana's Bryan Clauson

When it was all over Brady Bacon 'brought it home' and in a
wheelie-popping side-by-side finish, nipped Brady Loyet at the finish
line for the win. It was the only 10 feet of the race the Bacon had led.

Bryan Clauson pressured Loyet hard for several laps, with both
drivers popping wheelies half way down the front strech. Clauson was
able to sneak the lead, only to blow a RR tire with a couple of laps to

JJ Yeley transferred from B#2 to start 22nd and steadily worked his
way through the field to end up in 5th.

Chad McDaniel finished 3rd and George White came from the back
after a first lap tangle to end up 4th.

A weather front moved through the area at about 9:30pm, the wind
switched to the north, the track slicked off - the rubbered up in the
midget B-features; resulting in about  1 1/2 lanes of rubber around the
middle of the track.

Six midget drivers found themselves upside down during the event,
but all drivers were reported uninjured.

Complete results will be posted on the results page at the forum on when they become available.

Action continues Saturday afternoon:

1:00 Gates Open
3:00 Autograph Session with
JJ Yeley and Bryan Clauson
3:30 Hot Laps
4:00 Championship Night Begins

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JJ Yeley and crew getting their
new motor put in.
Pits are already overflowing into
Kennedale Speedway Park!
disclaimer: these interviews are just for please don't send them to SPEED TV...LOL!!
Midget feature action 2/13/08 with Brad Loyet leading Bryan Clauson
Complete Results From 2/14/09 Have Now
Been Posted At The Track Website.
Here To View Them.
Andrew Deal's #15D Midget flip on Friday
night, submitted by Mike Deal.
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