RaceTech Workshop & Live Cowtown Track Test 1/27-1/28/07
I'll be adding to this page as the weekend continues, but here are some
pictures & video clips from the event. We would like to thank everyone
who participated, and we look forward to hosting another RaceTech
Workshop next year.

First off, we had great food. Here's my mom, 'Momma D' taking good care
of the racers. Thanks for the help Mom!
And we have the '07 Harris Modifieds of Jake Durbin and Greg Dinsmore
on display. They were really popular additions to the hotel with the
guests staying there. (see below)
Special thanks to Michelle Rawdon of Cowtown Speedway for helping to
keep all of us organized. Also the same to Wayne Brown, AKA
(above) for helping over the weekend too.

And someone actually caught me working, so I thought I should
document that rare event!
And here's a quick video clip during the RaceTech Workshop. Bob Harris
is speaking. You will need QuickTime to run it, just go to QuickTime.com
for a free download of their media player.

click here to go to the video clip. Please allow a few minutes to load.

OK, it's now time to head to Cowtown Speedway for the live track test.

Here's some pictures from the test, along with of several video clips.

Beautiful sunny skies greeted us, although it was a bit cool. Here's a
shot of the 20 or so cars that participated in the test.
And here's Bob Harris working with Cowtown veteran, Keith
Green from Waco.
And John Logue working with Allen Baxter Motorsports driver, Travis
Pace. They brought a new Dirt Works car to the test. Speaking of
brands, off the top of my head, there were also: Harris, Pierce, Big
Dog, BMS & Shaw brand chassis' on hand for the test. Special thanks
to John for taking the time out of his busy schedule at Harris Auto
Racing to help out.
Here's the good looking car of Chuck Smith, from Mustang, OK.
Greenville, Texas' Larry Killian seemed to make good progress in
the test throughout the day and was very quick on the dry slick
Iowa's Jake Durbin and crew definitely received the 'Long Tow'
award for the weekend, and their car looks great on the track
and in pictures. So here's another one of him. We really
appreciated them taking on the time and expense to come down.
Some quick adjustments are made, before sending the driver
back out on the track.
And now onto some video clips of todays test.

First off is a unique look at a lap from Jake Durbin taken from the
flagstand at Cowtown Speedway. Just
click here to view the clip.

And here's a similar clip from the flagstand of Killeen's Scooter
Bates. Just
click here.

Spring Texas's Peter Sagmiller made the long haul to Cowtown, and
here's a lap with him.
Click here.

And here's a 1/2 lap with Scooter Bates taken from the infield. Just
click here to view.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who participated in
our inaugural RaceTech Workshop & Cowtown Speedway track

We plan to host the event again next year, and the dates will be
January 26, 27 2008. Please stay tuned for the event flyer, which
will be available this coming fall, here at DarinShort.com.
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