$2,000 More Up For Grabs With The Short Track Shootout!

The 'Short Track Shootout' is a co-op promotion between the $20,000 to win Short Track Nationals (I-30 Speedway,
Oct. 25-27) and the $5,000 to win
November Sprint Shootout (Cowtown Speedway, Nov. 9-10); produced and
managed by DarinShort.com.

The Short Track Shootout will field the best of the best of BOTH the STN (Short Track Nationals) and the NSS
(November Sprint Shootout) together for a 6-lap, 4-car shootout paying $1,000 to win, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd
and $200 for 4th.

To make this elite race, drivers must compete in both the STN and the NSS. Drivers will receive points from each
event and the top 4 in points combined will race the Short Track Shootout on November 10th at Cowtown
Speedway following the NSS Championship feature. (There will be a support division feature between the NSS and
the Short Track Shootout to give everyone time to get ready for the race.)

The winner will also receive a special commemorative award from DarinShort.com. (Details to come soon.)

The points will be tabulated as follows:

October 27 @ the STN Championship feature: 1st will receive 25 points, 2nd 23 points, 3rd 21 points, 4th 19 points,
5th 17 points, 6th 15 points, 7th 14 points, 8th 13 points; and so on, down to 2 points to start the STN Championship
A-feature. All other non-qualifiers will receive 1 point.

November 10 @ the NSS Championship feature: all qualifying cars will receive the identical points as described
above in the STN Championship feature.

The points from both events will be combined and the top 4 in points will start heads up in the Short Track

All drivers competing in both the STN and NSS will automatically be registered and qualified for this promotion.

And the goal of this two-track promotion is for the Short Track Shootout to grow in future years. If you're looking
for a long-term promotional solution, this event might be right for your company; and it's available exclusively to
the first business that signs up. For information on becoming the title sponsor for this event, please contact Darin
at dssm93@msn.com. The sponsorship cost for the 2008 event will be directly added to the Short Track Shootout

Here are the Short Track Shootou points, as of 11/2/07. Special thanks to
Lonnie Wheatley for driver statistics.
Link to November Sprint Shootout
11/11/07, FINAL Short Track Shootout points - top 11 drivers - top 4 in points to Short Track Shootout:

Car:  Driver:                      STN Points: NSS Points: Total Points:

15 Sam Hafertepe, Jr. TX     13               23                 36
7m Kevin Ramey TX               1                25                 26
29 Travis Rilat TX                   10             14                  24
1x Don Droud, Jr. NE              1               21                 22
95 Matt Covington  OK           1               15                 16
R19 Scott Winters  MN           1               13                 14
B4 Eric Baldaccini TX             1               12                 13
25 Gary Taylor OK                   1               10                 11
74E Claud Estes  TX               1                 8                    9
53 Jack Dover  NE                  1                 4                    5
7c Chris Morgan  KS              1                 3                    4

Here are the top 3 finishers of the Short Track Shootout, from right to left: Sam Hafertepe, Jr, winner,
Travis Rilat, second; Don Droud, Jr. third; and accepting for Kevin Ramey is myself.

11/11/07, Rockwall, TX.

What will go down as arguably one of the wildest nights of racing action in Cowtown Speedway history; two sprint car
drivers left the ¼ mile hi-banked speed plant with $5,000 in their pockets, fans witnessed an authentic ‘Australian
Expression Session’ sprint car exhibition (which can best be described by clicking this link: http://youtube.
com/watch?v=bC5VTA7ctMU ), and a slugfest in the modified feature race which resulted in over 20 lead changes.

Track promoter, Bo Rawdon, had the track surface on ‘full-tilt’ for feature action, with three and four lanes of racing
grooves developing, allowing drivers to quickly advance positions on the racetrack.

In the November Sprint Shootout (NSS), Kevin Ramey (TX, www.KevinRamey.com ) lined up in third position and
raced past front row starters George White (TX, www.pcr10.com ) and Don Droud Jr. (NE) to pick up the 35-lap
November Sprint Shootout championship. Fifth row starter Sam Hafertepe Jr. (TX, www.sam15.com ) negotiated
through lap traffic and competitors to nearly catching Ramey at the finish, winding up in second. Don Droud Jr., on
his first trip to Cowtown Speedway, picked up $3,000 for his strong third place run, while Ramey took home $5,000
and Hafertepe collecting $4,000.

Another strong run in the sprint feature came from Minnesota’s Scott Winters. After getting crossed up on the initial
start, relegating him to 20th on the restart, he clawed his way back to 8th by race end.

Drivers including Trey Robb (OK), George White (TX), Travis Rilat (TX), Gary Taylor (OK), Micah Schliemann (SD), Jack
Dover (NE), Chris Morgan (KS), Claud Estes (TX), Eric Baldaccini (TX) and Matt Covington (OK) kept fans on the edges
of their seats with lots of position swapping and side-by-side action all night long, as did the rest of the field.

After the NSS, overall points were tallied from the finishing positions of I-30 Speedway’s Short Track Nationals (STN)
and the NSS and the top four went to the Short Track Shootout (STS). This 4-car, 6-lap event carried a $2,000 purse,
with paid $1,000 to the winner and $500, $300, $200 to the balance of the field. The winner also received a marble-
based, porcelain helmet topped award from Darin Short of DarinShort.com. (Event marketing agent for the STN,
COMP Cams Challenge, NSS & STS.)

Top point getter from both the STN & NSS was the sam15.com car of Sam Hafertepe, Jr. NSS winner, Kevin Ramey
received the second highest point total, along with Travis Rilat and Don Droud, Jr. filling out the field.

On the parade lap, the four drivers were taunted by Darin Short on the front stretch with $2000 in 100’s being waved
as they split him on the front stretch taking the ‘one to go’ signal.

On the start, Ramey and Hafertepe had a drag race into corner one with Hafertepe taking the edge going down the
backstretch. Third place starter Travis Rilat would slip by Ramey, as would Droud; but at the end the sam15.com car
of Hafertepe would reign supreme. Sam not only picked up the extra $1000, but receives the title of Short Track
Shootout champion, which is a real feat for any sprint car driver.

And the action didn’t stop there. After taking the checkered flag, Hafertepe drove his car around the infield go-kart
track, selected a spot, and began a dizzying array of head-snapping donuts erupting in a dirt cloud that enveloped
half of the infield – much to the delight of the screaming crowd. Australians would have been proud of his exact
replication of what is known in the sprint car world of ‘Expression Session.’

An exclusive title sponsor opportunity is available for the 2008 Short Track Shootout to the first company who signs
on. Interested sponsors are urged to contact Darin at dssm93@msn.com for more information.

There is no administrative cost for the promotion and 100% of the sponsor money raised will go directly to the driver
purse; as in 2007. And our goal is to obtain an $8,000 sponsor; so the 2008 event will carry a whopping $10,000 Short
Track Shootout purse.

Switching wings for doors, later in the night was the 50-lap, 24-car modified feature. The racing groove could best be
described as ‘anywhere between the infield tires and the outside walls,’ resulting in a four and sometimes five car
battle for the lead that didn’t end until the checkered flag came out. George White, who had time to get ‘reloaded’
from his 5th place finish in the NSS, came out the big winner.

Complete results and pictures of all the weekend’s action including the winged mini-sprints, limited modifieds and
street stocks will be published soon at the track website, www.CowtownSpeedway.com .

If you’d like to relive some of last night’s action, or if you were unable to attend, several video clips of last night’s
action are currently being published and can be viewed at www.darinshort.com/race.html (scroll down to the
‘Shootout’ link).

Special thanks to all of the out of town teams and fans that traveled to Cowtown, many for their first time and we’re
already looking forward to next season, which kicks off in February.
9/30/08: Although we have $2,000 in purse money from I-30 and Cowtown collected for the '08 Shootout, it will not
take place in '08
unless we receive a sponsor. For sponsorship inquiries, please email Darin at dssm93@msn.com
prior to October 10. There are no admin fees, and 100% of your sponsorship money goes to the race purse. Also
includes display space at both tracks and pit passes for both weekends at NO ADDED CHARGE!
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